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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  March 14, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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family. for the parents it was not about the money. once again, breaking news from this afternoon. virginia tech has been found negligent for the 2007 killing spree. >> thank you very much. we switch gears a bed and turned to the unseasonably warm march weather we're having today. >> march gladness. if you like that, you are really going to like what doug hill has to tell you. >> a carbon copy tomorrow, but there will be subtle changes into the weekend. let's look at our rooftop camera. the temperature is 80 degrees rate here and rosalynn. if you want to get cooler you can go to the beach. 65 degrees. it is pretty crazy. a warm-up at the beach as the
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winds change directions. 80 degrees said reagan national airport. second day in a row we had 80 or a little above. as we had third evening it will be sunny and warm. we will slowly drop into the upper 60's later tonight. mostly clear skies and overnight of 51-58. overnight lows will be average daytime highs are. >> we will see you then. he had all of the good news. there may be one downhaul to the -- downfall to the warm winter we had. be ready to see a lot more bugs. >> everybody out here is playing and enjoying the gorgeous weather. it comes with a price. that is a lot of dogs. from text to termites -- we will see a lot of them this season. -- a lot of bugs.
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from ticks to termites. >> exterminators are being called out early and often do to our unseasonably warm weather. >> we did not give bad weather this winter so there was no freezing to kill anything. the numbers will be very bad this year. >> she notices this season is different than others. >> i think we are seeing more bugs this year than we have seen in previous years. we have seen a few ants around and more bees are already out. >> warm temperatures and standing water is perfect for mosquitos. there are already out. >> i was getting in the car and i thought i saw a mosquito. the next day i looked and i had a big welt on my arm. >> retailers to sell when terry here are feeling the sting of a nearly nonexistent winter.
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they only placed one order for snow shovels and salt this season in comparison to about 10 in a normal year. even then, they did not sellout. >> at least 75% of our stock is still out. we will package the way for next season. >> the belief is we are about 10 days to two weeks ahead of schedule as far as bugs are concerned. some exterminators believe we will seek triple the amount of insects we normally do in a year. reporting live, suzanne kennedy. >> that is the downside for sure. show us how you are enjoying this amazing weather. send the pictures to i witness at >> we are learning the details about a man accused of killing his estranged wife yesterday.
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they say he killed heather mcguire yesterday. greta kreuz jackson with the latest. >>philip gilberti career up here and kensington. i have heard story after story. he was a bully, he was mean. everybody was afraid of him. his reputation for violence goes way back. high-school boxing buddy says even now he had been giving him money and free haircuts to stay on his good side. >> we were all in fear of him. he was 300 pounds. he was an ex-con. he had been in jail for attempted murder. >> he killed himself ending a day long manhunt that started when he shot estranged wife heather mcguire at a busy
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intersection and kensington. he experienced his intimidation first hand. crookesite dated one of his ex- girlfriend and he got jealous and came after me -- i once dated one of his ex-girlfriend and he got jealous and came after me. >> court documents showed he had been arrested last weekend for stocking and violating a protective order. >> my children believe he is going to kill me. he started yelling and threatening. he said, i will kill you both. he was released from jail without posting cash bond pending a hearing that was supposed to occur yesterday. it never happened. the district court judge released him on unsecured bond,
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no cash required despite his track record of violating those protective orders. the state's attorney told me today, those protective orders can and do work. they protect women. in this case, it did not happen. >> thank you, greta kreuz. lots of broken hearts involved in this story. coming up at 5:30, we will take a closer look at the victim. she leaves behind six children. >> a military official says an army staff official accused of killing 16 afghan officials is no longer in afghanistan. he was flown out of the country. the pentagon has not released the name of the suspect. afghan officials say the military has surveillance video showing the soldier walking up to his base, raising his arms and surrender after the shooting. we are following breaking news from pennsylvania. a school bus collided with a
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tractor-trailer in the western part of the state. one person is believed to be dead. 15 others are injured. no word on if the person killed was on the bonds are tractor- trailer. traffic shut down in both directions as police investigate. >> a man accused of killing his daughter showed up court today -- his wife showed up in court today. psychologists say he is currently incompetent, but could be made ready for trial with more work. muth is accused of killing his wife and their georgetown home. the jets ordered another hearing for april 25. -- the judge ordered another hearing for april 25. a man with a debt demanded money from another man in a boston neighborhood. when that man refused, he shot the victim twice. police are looking for the gunmen. >> a robbery suspect was tracked
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down in the gooey minutes after he robbed a bank. -- in bowie minutes after he robbed a bank. the teller put in a tracking device with the money. they recovered the cash and nobody was hurt. >> just like the movies. the price at the pump continues to soar. we are seeing $4 a gallon locally. horace holmes is live with who is getting slammed the hardest. >> let me give you an example of how fast prices are going up. this exxon station at the corner of connecticut and nebraska, prices have gone up twice in two days. it is $4.29. the prices and washington are skyrocketing. is worrying gas station owners and motorists. it is beginning to cost a small
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fortune to fill up your gas tank in washington. >> you do not have an option. >> the price of regular gas was $4.90 yesterday. today it is selling for $4.29. for charlene smith who lives two blocks from here, enough is enough. >> i am spending $20 am looking for cheaper gas in maryland and virginia. >> they have one of the highest gas prices in the country. on average $4.20 a gallon. the national average is $3.81 a gallon. >> i would be driving 50 minutes away from here to get gasoline. >> aaa says there are three reasons why prices are so high. one is because a half-dozen refineries have closed in the past six months. we get our gas from this region. the second is the extremely high price to ship gas to washington
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stations. because of a lack of regulatory laws, it cost gas station owners 40 cents a gallon to get gas shipped to their palms. -- to their pumps. motorists are fearing they will see prices like this everywhere. >> i do not think that will drive after that. i will look for another job. >> where do we go from here? how high will prices go? they predict prices should top off at $4.25 a gallon by the end of may and then start to fall, dropping about a dollar a gallon in the fall. >> thank you. that is not all. today martin o'malley made an appeal for his most unpopular measure -- the raising of the gasoline tax. he wants to raise its 6%. it calls for a 2% increase over
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three years. the state needs the money to start working on a backlog of transportation projects. legislation leaders say it makes it unlikely it will pass because of high gas prices. crux is there a connection between how much to sleep in your way? >> george clooney turned a lot of hedge on capitol hill today. -- a lot of
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>> authorities are trying to figure out what caused the deadly tour bus accident in switzerland. it crashed and killed 28 people. the group was returning to belgium after a ski trip. they ruled out speed as a factor but they are focusing on whether a mechanical or medical issue may have played a role. >> a hollywood star made waves on capitol hill today after george clooney testified about the growing humanitarian crisis in sudan. >> let's use the techniques we have learned to find and freeze the offshore bank accounts of
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these were criminals. >> he just returned last week from a visit to the violent border region between sudan and south sudan. south sudan became the world's newest country when it seceded and july. he is calling on congress to take steps to help people in that region. >> a college student and his family detain for being illegal immigrants have been released after announce -- outpouring of support in the community. >> when this family got locked up, classmates of his son -- they got busy. it went into the basement. they organized protests. last nine immigration officials reversed and release the family. the chance of supporters greeted
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jorge and his parents as they made a return to freedom in montgomery county. he will never forget what his friends did for them. >> i look at these past couple of days as something i was never expecting. >> they spent the last six days locked up pending deportation. the immigrants from columbia have been denied political asylum of the past decade. friends of the montgomery college freshman banded together to fight. imitation -- immigration officials reviewed the case and granted them a one-year stay so he can complete his associate's degree. >> your brought to this country by your parents and all you are willing to do here is get an education, have a dream, set some goals of. >> his friends rally because they know their fight is not over. the family will be deported in
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one year. as they spoke a man drove by and yelled "send them home." the young people say they are undeterred. >>the acuna family has one year to use the time to appeal the order or leave the country. as for the students protesting, they are going to stay together. one of the things they want to fight for is the dream act that will give in-state tuition to students like jorge. >> we are not the only ones to experience this incredibly warm weather. cities across the nation are having a heat wave. excited golfers in minnesota took advantage of the weather and hit the links. one of the few downsides of the
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weather, seasonable allergies. more pollen in the air means more sneezing and itchy eyes. >> let's take a minnesota golf trip in march. >> is that not funny? do you think is a treat for us and imagine people in wisconsin. >> it is crazy. tomorrow may be our day. temperatures could tie or break a record. let's did started. a couple of weatherbugs. 78 degrees and waldorf right now. 77 in leesburg. looking from the rooftop camera will look down at jefferson memorial scanning treetops. it will not be long before it is vibrant pink all over the place and probably a little bit sooner than we thought. we have heard about the 1930
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twentieth being the date for the blooming of the cherry blossoms. we would like you to share your cherry blossom pictures with us. we would like to build galleries and share your photographs with everybody that walks into 2254 tree pollen -- way up there again. -- 225 for tree pollen again. we will have more pollen as the warm weather and spring continues. 77 in frederick 78 in washington. 67 in annapolis with a breeze. 81 degrees in indianapolis. 80 degrees in chicago. it is widespread. we will turn cooler over the weekend.
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it will still be 70 or 72 over the weekend. it will not be the intense warmth we're having right now. denver is 70. eastern three-quarters of the country east of the rockies are definitely in good shape. right now it is warmer in chicago that is in miami. clear skies for us and a few showers starting to pop. this is a sign of things to come. we are going to see the possibility tomorrow afternoon of an isolated thunderstorm or shower. overnight we will look for an isolated shower. during the day a storm center gets closer, that is what we will have a better chance of evening showers and thunderstorms. we will begin to get some cooler temperatures for the weekend. 65 degrees and clear skies tonight. 73 at midday tomorrow. the record high is 81, there is
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a possibility to tie or even break it. a little cooler for our leprechaun on st. patrick's day on saturday. a little cooler on sunday. it will warm up again next week. keep up with all the changes on >> that is crazy it is warmer in chicago than miami. >> yes. >> thank you. >> you have a few more days to sign up for one of the highly anticipated new ipads. >> we will announce the winner on friday right here on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> tonight, a special 20/20 series "revenge for real" continues. >> we could not let it go. she ruined his life. somebody had to pay. >> see who he takes his revenge
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out on tonight at 10:00 followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> one hollywood actors get caught for a possible hit and run and another actress secretly adopts a child. >> and a 11-year-old boy barely alive in sand. >> a new study about sleeping and food.
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>> could a lack of sleep be connected to gaining weight? the leslie b. goode, the more you eat. -- the less sleep you get, the more you eat. >> i am in the face of young children. i seem to have given up on sleep for probably half a dozen years. >> cranky, dragging, i am just miserable. >> sleep specialist says our country pose a lack of sleep is a serious problem. >> up to 27% of people are getting less than six hours of sleep a night. >> a just released by the show's getting getting less sleep could be getting more pounds. >> i have been trying to limit
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my intake of snacks past 8:00 p.m. >> they found those who got less sleep consumed almost 550 extra calories a day. >> you eat a lot, especially if you consider our average guy should not be much more than 1,800 calories a day. >> the sleep deprived group did not burn any extra calories. we all know consuming more calories and not burning more = gaining weight. the key to optimal health is to get between seven and nine hours of sleep every night. >> not only will you feel better, you perform better. you actually may save yourself from getting way. >> researchers admit this is a small study in a hospital setting. they recommend a larger study allowing participants to sleep in their own homes. >> thank you. it coming up on abc 7 is at
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5:00, a nationwide effort is starting right here in d.c.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00 with leon harris, alison starling, doug hill weather, and
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tim brant sports. this is abc 7 news on your side. >> the victim and yesterday's murder is a mother of six. >> her life changed drastically when she met philip gilberti. >> they have no mother or father. homes are being saw for all of the children. the youngest just a little baby turning one-year old next month. the oldest is a 17-year-old from a previous relationship. >>heather mcguire was left with three young children. she fell for philip gilberti who
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was trying to be a kick boxer, but he had already done present time. >> i said when she first met him to please stay away from him. he was violent and vicious. >> she married him and had three more children, all boys. july lost custody because of alleged abuse in the home. >> -- she lost custody because of alleged abuse in the home. >> he was under yet another restraining order tuesday when authorities say he forced her from a home, shot her in the head and pushed her out of a moving vehicle on connecticut avenue. >> he snapped after years of anger and rage. >> family and friends started a website to collect money for the children. crops they do not have anybody anymore.
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>> the three oldest will be living with the extended family. the three youngest are the children, all of the gilbertis will be put up for adoption. >> what a terrible story. thank you. let's take a look at the top stories today. a jury found a virginia tech negligent for delaying a campus warning after first shootings on april 16, 2007. two hours later, he would kill another 30 students in the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. the jurors awarded $100,000 each. virginia tech officials said they believed the first shootings were isolated. >> many drivers in d.c. are seeing prices above $4 a gallon. some are as high as $4.29.
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it is more expensive for d.c. station owners to get gas shipped into the district. >> not everybody is enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. homeowners are reporting having bought the infestations already. >> some passengers are wondering why they keep digging deeper into their pockets to get on board why -- while metro management is riding high. stephen tschida has the story. >> ask any regular commuter, metro has a myriad of problems. to make renovations, and improvements, they say they need more money -- a lot more money. they are asking for a 5% fare increase, they have no problem paying its top 16 executives millions of dollars.
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>> is it helping build your system are going to salaries? >> the general manager was paid $350,000 last year. his deputy general manager may $240,000 with a $30,000 a year housing allowance. they spent more than $3 million on 16 executive salaries. >> i think it is ridiculous. >> so many passengers are fed up with a breakdown and delays and they want to know why metro management is making so much money to run a troubled transit system. >> he makes more than the new york city's transit system that is eight times bigger. >> i am confused as to why that is. >> some passengers a running a complicated transit system is a big job and those entrusted with running it should make big dollars. >> i think they deserve money for the job they are doing.
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>> the man at the helm has his supporters. he declined a hefty bonus be leaving his 350,000 salary is enough. >> hour drive to stay alive program visits maryland today. i spoke with the mustangs about the importance of paying attention while driving reducing distractions, and buckling up every time they get into the car. we spend a lot of time talking about taxing while driving. -- texting while driving. if you want us to come to your school get in touch with us. >> it looks like an attentive group. >> that was a good group of kids. >> time for a look at the traffic situation. >> good afternoon. we are dealing with slow traffic on 395 as to make the way from washington boulevard to duke street.
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we are seeing delays as to make the trip from newington and quantico northbound 395 going from duke to king. let's switch to views that the beltway. the inner loop is heavy from the dulles toll road. an earlier accident has been moved to the shoulder. also slow on the inner loop from college park to route 50. as you make the trip from the lesion bridge and central avenue to 250. >> thank you. coming up on abc 7 is at 5:00, hear from an 11-year-old boy who survived being buried alive for 30 minutes. >> it made me feel like a mini superwoman. >> me this week's harris' heroes. >> the financial crisis with the national cathedral.
5:37 pm
how much money is needed to get everything restore
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>> the academy of construction
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and design is getting juniors and seniors the necessary tools to start careers and architecture and also helping them to find life goals as they head off to college. that is what makes the academy staff tonight's harris' heroes. some say it is what you learn outside of the class and that helps to the most. >> is the real thing. in the classroom, you use books. you sit down and work out problems. when you put it together, this is what the differences. >> the 10th through 12th grade students are trading in their notebooks for saws and their pens for hammers. they are part of the school's academy of construction and design. >> i learned a lot of skills such as putting in outlets or rigid i learned a little bit of carpentry skills. >> once a week the students work with team leaders, teachers, and
5:41 pm
volunteers to go out and work on real-life construction projects. a bill this home in northwest from the ground up. -- the bill to this home from the ground up. >> it made me feel good. >> the hard work is worth it. >> it has made me proud of myself. >> of sunup construction, they are learning important life lessons they do not get inside the classrooms. >> we teach them no matter what happens them live, they still can. everything they need to make them successful, they can find inside. >> i think you can just get it when you see the look of pride on their faces. two-thirds of the students to participate go on to college. one-third of them begin working after high school and construction related fields.
5:42 pm
if he knows of somebody doing great things for kids are kids doing great things for others send me your ideas on facebook or through e-mail. >> they have reason to be proud. that house looked great. coming up -- more trouble for lyndsay lohan. >> a new documentary about bullying premiered ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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[ male a announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions.
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>> a new national mission to stop bullying is being launched right here in d.c. >> natasha barrett is live with the story. cox and this problem of bullying is so serious, so many children suffer from it and so many have taken their lives. we watched a new premier this afternoon that includes a real- life stories from many children who live in our area. it started on facebook. somebody who was once her friend became our enemy online. >> they said, you are week when
5:46 pm
you cry. all my friends would comment on that. >> she is an eighth grader in maryland. she unfriended that person, but the bullying did not stop. >> everybody knew they were directed toward me. >> it started early for him and it was personal. >> how did that make you feel when you heard that? >> not good at all. >> both children spoke out or ignored the bullying. not all can. students watched the premiere of a bullying documentary called "speak up." it features interviews with kids to have been the target of bullies. >> i think this is a more for violent form of child abuse. it is just as serious.
5:47 pm
having others step up is probably the next wave of making kid saved. >> that documentary that we watch this afternoon called "speak up" premieres friday. >> in just a few hours from now the state dinner at the white house will get under way. it was held an order by the visit of british prime minister david cameron and his wife. tonight dinner will be held in a tent on the south lawn. the menu features crisp brussels sprouts, and steamed lemon pudding for dessert. >> how very british. turning to it -- turning to entertainment news, lyndsay lohan may be facing hit and run charges. police say the actress
5:48 pm
accidentally grazed a man's knee while she was making a u-turn in her porsche last night and los angeles. the man was not heard but dmz -- tmz has reported the man has hired an attorney and plans to press charges. she adopted a healthy baby boy, his name is jackson. she is from south africa. the publicist did not give more details about the adoption. >> it is the end of an era for the encyclopedia britannica. they will start production of its multivolume book says. the 201032 volumes said is going to be the last one. -- the 2010 32 volume set will be the last one. they will focus on their online
5:49 pm
encyclopedias. >> that really is the end of an era. >> i bet my mom still has hers. >> every get had them. no more. >> let's see what is coming up at 6:00. >> gordon peterson has a look ahead. >> rick santorum came away with two big prizes yesterday. the game is not over yet. tonight, while a lot of people think mitt romney is going to be a candidate. looking for votes next. we have an update on maryland's largest casino. where things stand with the work to get things open by summer. >> let's get another check of the lovely weather. it sounds like more to come tomorrow. >> we just had a record -- we could set a record high tomorrow. let's look at chesapeake beach.
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i want to say hi to all the students who came out right down the road there. a couple of clauses from are to sign today talking about why the winter weather was so warm. a good crowd. -- a couple of classes from earth science day talking about why the winter weather was so warm. tonight we will cool off. close to 60 degrees in downtown washington. futurecast shows temperatures falling overnight and climbing quickly tomorrow. depending on which model you look at, you get a different interpretation of where the showers and storms will be. nobody knows exactly where they will be. we would just mention a chance. friday when the cold front gets closer, the heavier clouds will not high-temperature down a bit and will increase chances of showers and possible thunderstorms on friday.
5:51 pm
saturday, maybe a cloudy start. 75. sunday is a questionable day as far as temperatures go. 71, i think. the closer you get to the water could make it somewhat cooler. a quick reminder to check out the weather on i think i am done for now. back to you. >> i know you have your brackets that, both of you. the ncaa tournament is under way. georgetown plays friday in columbus against the belmont bruins. this will hopefully be ready to play at a high level on friday afternoon. belmont is a popular pet for a first-round upset.
5:52 pm
the georgetown men have to be ready to play well. >> it is tournament time now. we do not want to go home. >> this is a fun time. it is supposed to be a fun time. it is what you work hard for. >> the redskins have been the big topic of conversation the past five days. the redskins are still shopping. they have been talking with brandon marmary weather today. >> josh wilson helps them get it today. he has the same goal this off- season. >> being back at home is one of the greatest feelings. being able to hang out with my family. clucks the washington area is home. when he heard they traded up in the draft for the no. 2 pick, he
5:53 pm
had this reaction. >> i grew up loving this team. i am excited. >> it is likely they will draft robert griffin iii. >> you look at last year when we faced cam newton the present big problems with the have a guy like him. >> he is a great player. a lot of speed. >> and josh morgon, he has high hopes for a news season. >> i am ready to get back into the playoffs. >> these are great times are now in sports. march madness everybody filling out brackets, the redskins' -- everybody is doing well. >> everybody is selling out their brackets. even the commander in chief. >> here is who he chose to win it all. >> i am going with north
5:54 pm
carolina getting revenge for the regular-season victory. >> that is a pretty popular choice. >> every year he goes -- you have to go and pick the upset. >>we shall
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>> and a 11-year-old boy is a live to tell the story about how he was buried alive understand. >> he survived being buried for 30 minutes. >> an afternoon of play turned into a nightmare for two brothers. >> digging into an embankment, 11-year-old nicholas nelson was
5:58 pm
swallowed up by sand and clay. he was trapped underground unable to move. collapsing earth surrounded him forcing him into a seated position. his only source of oxygen was a small pocket of air around his face. his brother made a desperate attempt to dig him out but could not reach him. he ran for help making urgent calls to 911 while the mother and boyfriend rush to the scene. >> we did not know where he was because the sand pushed him down. >> for 30 minutes the family tore into the mound as the boy pasty -- the boy face the possibility he might not make it out alive. cox firstfirst responders arrived helping families move mounds of sand. he eventually they were able to pull him up. >> they just use the bag and he
5:59 pm
fought back on his own. >> finally breathing on his own out of the dark and suffocating sand, his family said his survival was nothing short of miraculous. >> this was not the first close call for him. a few years back he fell through the eyes. it was big brother kyle who came to his rescue. >> i am glad that has a happy ending. coming up next at 6:00 -- >> you like temperatures around 80 degrees, hang on. you might like the forecast coming up. >> we will tell you why mitt romney today says he is still confident. >> a verdict in the lawsuit against virginia tech. the jury's decision coming up right now at 6:00. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 6:00.


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